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The new home of Super_Stanchy Customs! This will be an ongoing project that has been much needed for much too long.

Stick me behind a lathe or mill and I know exactly what I am doing. Stick me behind a computer and tell me to "make a website" that's going to be a challenge!

Wish me luck, stay tuned for more details!






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Welcome to 2017! January done! 

February has started!

Finished the PM5 Framed Mech Ion Build!

Started production on the Ion/Empire Feedneck Stubs!
45 are off the lathe through op1, op2 (face overall length, chamfer) will be done this week! They will be available raw immediately, satin black ano around the end of the month!

SSC Halfblock and Midblock kits are 2/3 complete as well! Sleds and Pins are finished! All that is left is bolts!


Next up, Traccer/Autococker Barrel Adapters, Dye Back/Freak Tip Adapters

Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates as well!

Ryan "Stanchy" Stanchfield






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