Tired of chipping your lenses with your back block?

Wanna chop your autococker into little pieces?

I can help!



Halfblock Milling + HB Kit $70 + shipping
Midblock Milling + MB Kit $85 + shipping

HB Kit standalone $35 + Shipping 
MB Kit standalone $37 + Shipping

Standalone Kits are Available on the SSC Autococker Page

Standalone includes Bolt/Sled/Pin

Milling includes Basic Body Cuts, Hammer Slotting, and Pump Arm Shortening!

*International shipping $10*


There is a $10 disassembly/reassembly fee if you do not fully break down your autococker (only need body, hammer and pump arm)

The system is changing!

#1 Fill out the Google Form --- Custom Work Info Form ---
#2 Email Me! --- Contact SSC ---

#3 Send in your parts
#4 I machine your parts
#5 SSC Contacts info from #1 for payment
#6 I Ship your parts back!











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