Welcome to my website!


The new home of Super_Stanchy Customs! This will be an ongoing project that has been much needed for much too long.

Stick me behind a lathe or mill and I know exactly what I am doing. Stick me behind a computer and tell me to "make a website" that's going to be a challenge!

Wish me luck, stay tuned for more details!






Latest News




Halfblock bolts are in production!

Just need to get them assembled, and photographed!
Once they are ready, they will be posted online!

Working on some PB Tools, HPA Reg Vice Grips, Cocker VASA wrenches and more!

I've come up with a Legacy 5" Freak Bore Tip Mod, to use your old "Legacy 5" Freak Kit Barrels" with the new XL Kit!

It is $30 shipped usa per barrel tip!


I am ordering new tooling for the 8" XL Bore, not sure what the pricing on that will be (its based off tooling, cycle time, setup and shipping costs)


Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates as well!

Ryan "Stanchy" Stanchfield






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