Welcome to my website!


The new home of Super_Stanchy Customs! This will be an ongoing project that has been much needed for much too long.

Stick me behind a lathe or mill and I know exactly what I am doing. Stick me behind a computer and tell me to "make a website" that's going to be a challenge!

Wish me luck, stay tuned for more details!






Latest News




That is possibly the fastest 3 weeks I've ever had!

Created 3 new barrel adapters
-Classic Freak to XL Insert to Eclipse Tip
-XL Freak to XL Insert to Eclipse Tip
-Eclipse FR to XL Insert to Eclipse Tip

Sent out a small sample to ano, and have sold 1/3 of them!

I am quickly making more produciton, getting close to 250 more adapters!

Still have plans for 3 more adapter projects!

SSC Inventory is loading up!
Website is getting more and more up to date!

I think its about time to have a super mega barrel sale, stay tuned for details!

Halfblock and Midblock services are available again!
The Freak XL Barrel List is growing rapidly!
I finished up a quick run of Modified CCI Feedcaps for Empire Spring Feeds! 


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