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SSC HPA Thread Vice Grips


Get a Grip!

Every airsmith needs a set of these Paintball HPA Threaded Vice Grips


Old reg without a way to disassemble? 

Grab 'em with these!

$18.00 each



4 Sets Left!



SSC Specialty Tooling

SSC Autococker Vert ASA (VASA) Wrench


Never dig around for the missing socket

Lots of clearance

Lots of grip




$15.00 each


3 Available 5/19/17



SSC Stainless Autococker Valve Tools


The Super_Stanchy Customs Autococker Valve Tools is entirely made in the USA with USA materials, featuring Stainless Hex, Stainless Stop Collar, and a T Handle for those overly tightened and stubborn jam nuts!

$15.00 each

85 in stock!